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【Hatsune Miku】 Memories of Aqua -English ver.-

【Hatsune Miku】 Memories of Aqua -English ver.-

JUNA V4X (Miku Love) · 【Hatsune Miku】 Memories of Aqua -English ver.-

作詞、作曲、編曲 : JUNA


Blue sea spreads even now in my far memory
I go to make sure of feeling

I advanced towards the way a light pierces and had the dream to which I go
Your brilliant smile, I remembered

The stars begins to be brilliant in a blue sea
I always hear faintly in my mind

I believe that I can come surely
When I believe that you can come
The same pure condition as the past

Day in the summer which doesn’t end
Childish memory
I’ll advance to tomorrow for important memories

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